Associate PRM Exam Preparation Resources

The Associate PRM Certificate is designed for self-study and is based on selected chapters from the book, The Essentials of Risk Management, Second Edition and various web-based resources.  

Optional preparation resources listed below are also available to help you prepare for the Associate PRM exam, but they are not required to pass the exam.  

Associate PRM Certificate Candidate Guidebook

Associate PRM Candidate Guidebook for Second Edition of Essentials of Risk Management Book

The Associate PRM Certificate Candidate Guidebook provides an overview of the exam including program design, dates and locations, fees and registration, exam format, exam syllabus, and preparing for the exam.


The required study resources listed below are designed for self-study.

Essentials of Risk Management

The Associate PRM Certificate is currently based on selected chapters from the book, The Essentials of Risk Managementm, Second Edition by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, and Robert Mark. 

Written for risk professionals and non-risk professionals alike, this easy-to-understand guide helps readers meet the increasingly insistent demand to make sophisticated assessments of their company’s risk exposure.  Provides the latest methods for measuring and transferring credit risk, increase risk-management transparency, and implement an organization-wide Enterprise risk Management (ERM) approach.

Online Resources

Web-based Resources - freely available from our website

For those who wish to reinforce their PRM studies please visit the links below to learn more about webinar, online, independent training providers and classroom training.

Associate Online Series 

Consists of nine one-hour webinar sessions, comprehensive presentation materials and study guides including sample questions. 

The Associate Online Series is available live or via PRMIA’s Learning Management System, allowing participants to complete the webinar series in a self-study format.

Materials and instruction within this webinar series is based on the book, The Essentials of Risk Management, Second Edition.

For more information please download the Associate Online Series Brochure.

Online Training

PRMIA offers internet-based distance learning programs to support the exam.

The Associate ePRM Coach prepares learners to pass the Associate PRM exam.  The Associate ePRM Coach includes a tutorial covering broad knowledge of the following areas: corporate governance, compliance and risk management; integrated risk management; measurement, management and hedging of market, credit (retail and corporate) and operational risk; roles of board members and senior management in managing risk.  It also includes a Diagnostic Exam to help you assess your readiness for the Associate PRM Exam. These practice tests are designed in accordance with the Associate PRM exam structure to test you on essential knowledge necessary to understand and manage risks in any corporate or economic environment.