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Gain career advantage with PRMIA focused certificate programs

As a professional risk manager you need to stay informed in your industry and professional knowledge is changing at the speed of light. PRMIA’s certificate programs are designed to recognize your expertise in focused areas allowing you to demonstrate competence in the complex world of risk management.

Your new knowledge is validated by passing an exam and receiving a certificate that is accredited by PRMIA, an independent industry association that monitors and upholds standards for the risk industry.

Ready to achieve a full certification designation that goes beyond a focused certificate program? Apply for the PRMIA Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) Designation credential, a globally recognized, graduate-level risk management credential designed for risk managers.

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Why is Certification
Important to Employers

There is no better way to ensure that your staff has the knowledge they need to build a strong risk management program. PRMIA certificate programs are a measurable way to ensure competence and adherence to key risk management standards.

Supporting your staff through PRMIA certificate programs is an investment in your staff development, your organization’s risk practices and public image. It offers you a way to evaluate performance, streamline hiring standards, and measurably demonstrate the competence of your staff.

To develop a customized corporate membership and training program, please contact membership@prmia.org.

PRMIA Focused Certificate Programs

The Associate Professional Risk Manager Certificate (Associate PRM Certificate) includes the core concepts of risk management, including the level of mathematics and theory needed to interpret risk management information and reports, make critical assessments, and evaluate the implications and the limitations of such results. The APRM is intended for individuals entering the risk management profession or those who interface with risk managers on a regular basis.

“Now more than ever before, it is essential to understand the multiple dimensions of risk as well as how to best manage risk to gain a competitive advantage.”

The Credit and Counterparty Manager (CCRM) Certificate covers a deep and practical understanding of credit risk analysis frameworks. It is intended for individuals who are expected to deploy these frameworks within their financial institutions, and act on the outputs from these frameworks.

The Market, Liquidity and Asset Liability Management Risk Manager (MLARM) Certificate covers the underlying principles of market risk and asset liability management, and an understanding of interest rate risk and liquidity risk. It is intended for individuals in a variety of risk-related roles including Market Risk Staff, Treasury Staff, Financial Controllers and those managing the balance sheet, Technology Managers, and Compliance and Legal Officers.

The Operational Risk Manager Certificatecovers the practical understanding of operational risk management frameworks and measurement methodologies in financial institutions. It is intended for individuals in all risk related roles in financial services, in particular Operational Risk Staff, Financial Controllers, Operations and Technology Managers, and Compliance and Legal Officers.