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PRMIA London: Risk Leaders Series

PRMIA London has launched a Risk Leader series of breakfast briefings for senior risk managers to discuss relevant topics in a practitioner only environment.  On 25th April, twenty Risk Leaders joined our first session moderated by Jon Danielsson, co-Director for LSE’s Systemic Risk Centre on “How to anticipate and guard against shocks to financial markets” and kindly hosted by Schroders. We have included the synopsis and slides for you to preview.  

 Our next session on 21 June is on Digital Risk: Opportunities and Threats.  If you are a senior risk practitioner and would like to receive invitations to this or future events, kindly contact Adam Lindquist, PRMIA at



Overview of London March FRTB Panel Discussion

London Chapter Meeting Event Review

FRTB – Consolidating Next Steps

March 15, 2017

During this impactful and timely event, the panelists discussed the current state of FRTB and the most relevant issues the industry is facing.

One of the key challenges was seen the uncertainty around the final shape and form of the final FRTB version in each jurisdiction. Banks are currently developing prototypes.

The panelists discussed how capital is now central to the business so a key question that the FRTB implementation needs to deal with is not only computing capital as required by regulators, but also being able to compute it in a way that helps the business make correct decisions.


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