Status Determination

Status determination begins for certificants in the PRM CRL Program once a 2015 edition exam has been taken. A status of Candidate is recorded and access to the CRL Center is granted, allowing submission of minimum experience requirements.

After all 4 exams are passed, the status will be updated to Qualified. When the minimum experience requirements are accepted, providing a current Sustaining or C-suite membership is held, Certified status will be achieved.

After an initial grace period, recertification of Certified status is required each calendar year. This is achieved by earning 20 CRL credits per year and maintaining Sustaining or C-Suite Membership. If either of these requirements is not met by the beginning of a recertification period (January 1), or if membership lapses during the recertification period, status for that period will be reported as Qualified until requirements are met. Status is updated continually throughout the recertification period. If the requirements are not met by the end of a recertification period (December 31), the final status recorded for that period will be Qualified. It is important to ensure that on December 31 of a recertification period your membership is in good standing to end the period with Certified status, as this will be the final status recorded for this period. Certificants with a final status of Qualified for three consecutive periods will be assigned Revoked status and require reinstating.

PRM CRL Program Statuses

Basic PRM Designation Program Status

A Basic PRM Holder who opts into the updated PRM program is automatically granted PRM Certified status providing they have a current Sustaining or C-Suite membership; otherwise their status will be converted to PRM Qualified. A Basic PRM Candidate is promoted to PRM Candidate status.

Insufficient credits

If 20 CRL credits are not submitted, accepted, and applied before January 1 of a recertification period opening status for the period will be Qualified. The certificant will then have until December 31 of the recertification period to make up the deficiency of credits. The status will be updated to Certified when the CRL credit and other requirements are met. If the certificant fails to earn 20 credits by the end of the recertification period (December 31), the period will close with a final status of Qualified. Certificants should be aware that any time taken to make up deficient credits during a recertification period reduces the time available to earn and apply the required 20 credits to the next recertification period.

Revoked Status & Reinstatement Policy

Should a certificant fail to earn 20 credits per period or maintain a current Sustaining or C-Suite membership for three continuous periods, the certificant’s PRM status will be revoked.

To reinstate PRM Certified status the certificant must:

  1. Re-take Exam III
  2. Pay a reinstatement Fee of $400
  3. Hold current Sustaining or C-Suite Membership

To start the reinstatement process, please contact

Once reinstated, the recertification process starts again, but the 20 CRL credit requirement is waived for the remainder of the calendar year you become reinstated and your first recertification period after reinstatement.

Reinstatement date: June 12, 2017

Calendar Year 2017:
20 CRL Credit Requirement Waived for remainder of 2017
20 CRL Credit Requirement Waived for 2018 Recertification Period
No CRL credits need to be submitted during 2017

Calendar Year 2018:
20 CRL Credit Requirement Waived for 2018 Recertification Period
20 CRL Credit Requirement Begins for 2019 Recertification Period
A minimum of 20 CRL credits should be submitted during 2018

Certified status will be begin on June 12, 2017—CRL credits are not required for the initial year of certification after reinstatement, but the certificant may still submit credits if they wish—and the certificant's first recertification period after reinstatement of 2018 will open. The requirement to report 20 CRL credits by December 31, 2017 to maintain certified status on January 1, 2018 is waived, but the certificant may still submit credits for the 2018 recertification period if they wish. The calendar advances to January 1, 2018, the 2019 recertification period opens, and the 2017 period closes. For the 2019 recertification period the requirement to earn 20 CRL credits is no longer waived and the certificant has until December 31, 2018 to report 20 CRL credits to continue with Certified status on January 1, 2019. On January 1, 2019 the recertification period will advance to 2020 and the certificant will have until December 31, 2019 to earn 20 CRL credits to continue with Certified status on January 1, 2020, etc.

Retired Status

A certificant that has retired from their professional career may hold the PRM Retired status. This status removes the requirement to earn CRL credits each recertification period. CRL credits may still be reported if the certificant would like to track activities. To request Retired status, contact