CRL Center User Guide


The CRL center is accessed via your My Profile. Access for both CRL programs is dependent on particular PRMIA membership. If your membership lapses, you will need to renew it to access the CRL Center.

CRL Program requires Contributing, Sustaining or C-Suite membership.

PRM CRL Program requires Sustaining or C-Suite membership. Certificants with Revoked status will not have access to the CRL Center until they are reinstated—see Status Determination.

Current Status Summary (PRM CRL Program Only)

The top section of the dashboard provides a snapshot of the certificant’s current status as well as access to the CRL Center tools.

current status summary image

The top left section shows a summary of the current status held while working toward recertification for the selected period. The PRM Designation shown corresponds to the Status Requirements Met panel. The Designation History link tracks and displays every status change, along with date of change and requirements that were met at the time of change.

The right section provides management tools:

  1. Download Certificate – appears when you have Certified status.
  2. Certification History – record of all historical certification periods including period date, total applied credits, if current membership was held, and ending status.
  3. Download Logo – appears when you have Certified status. For use in your signature; for a full list of uses visit After Becoming a PRM Certified Professional
  4. Manage Experience – access to submit or manage professional experience record

Reporting/Recertification Periods

The CRL Center will automatically display CRL activity for your current CRL period. You may switch between current and previous periods using the dropdown selection tool in the reporting period/recertification period bar.

The CRL Period selection dropdown seen by CRL Program Participants

The CRL Period selection dropdown seen by CRL PRM Program Certificants

Each period runs from January 1 to December 31. Periods advance on January 1.

The PRM Designation status of the selected recertification period is displayed in the recertification period area. The final status is shown for closed periods, the current status is given for the current period, and status of ‘in progress’ will be shown for the forthcoming period. The progress made toward the 20 CRL credit requirement for the selected period is displayed in the progress bar. The certification history tool on the top right of your CRL Center can be used to view requirements met for a particular recertification period.

CRL Credits Reported

This report is a summary of credits submitted for a particular period.

CRL Program
Accepted credits are displayed by activity type. Any Non-PRMIA activities still pending approval will not appear in this report until accepted.

PRM CRL Program
Similar to the CRL Program, accepted credits are organized by activity type (left). They are also organized by activity format (right). This is to enable you to see when you have reached the program limits for activity type and activity format. Any Non-PRMIA activities still pending approval will not appear in this report until accepted.

The number of accepted credits for each activity type is given on the left, together with the program limits. The allowed column shows the number of accepted credits that can be carried through to be evaluated for the format limits. These credits are shown on the right hand side organized by activity format. The totals for the two allowed columns will always be the same. The format limits are then imposed, resulting in the number of credits for each activity format that may be applied to the 20 CRL credits required for recertification. These are shown in the applied column. The sum of these two numbers is the current number of CRL credits earned and is shown at the bottom of the applied column.

Individual Reported Activities

Each activity submitted is shown in this table along with its current status.

Credit Split = # reported credits / # accepted credits

To view complete details of each activity submitted including evidence, simply click on the activity name and you will be taken to the single activity page.

The change in status of each activity is tracked and shown at the bottom of the page; this is useful for monitoring the status of Non-PRMIA activities that require approval.

Submitting & Editing Activities

Activities are submitted by using the +Submit CRL Credits. Detailed guidelines of eligible activities including descriptions, examples, credit earning rates and acceptable documentation may be accessed via the Eligible CRL Activities link. Credits should be reported in the calendar year that they are completed to be accepted; see When to Submit CRL Credits. Submitted activities may be edited or deleted using the associated links in the operations column of the activities table.

To allow greatest flexibility in reporting of earned activities two periods will be open at any given time for submission and editing of activities. For the CRL Program the current and past reporting periods are available. For the PRM CRL Program the current and forthcoming recertification periods are available.

Submission Form:
When submitting activities the following information is required:

  • Activity Name
  • Provider (PRMIA or Non-PRMIA)
  • Activity Topic
  • Date of Activity
  • Credits Earned
  • Location of Activity
  • Evidence

If you require changes to previous periods' activities please contact

Designation History (PRM CRL Program only)

Changes in PRM Designation status are recorded in the Designation History. Changes in designation status occur when requirements are met and Certified status is gained or when requirements lapse.

CRL Credit History(CRL Program only)