PRMIA CRL Programs

Continual change requires constant adaptation.

In business this means agile employees who are able to address new challenges. Successful professionals should always be looking for areas to develop and identifying ways to improve, both professionally and personally. PRMIA Continuing Risk Learning (CRL) programs provide you with the opportunity to formally recognize your professional development, documenting your evolution as a risk professional.  Employers can see that you are not static, making you a highly valued, dynamic, and desirable employee.

The CRL program is open to all Contributing, Sustaining, and C-Suite members, providing a convenient and easily accessible way to submit, manage, track and document your activities online through the PRMIA CRL Center.

The PRM CRL program offers all the benefits of the CRL program, except CRL credits are applied toward PRM Certified status.  Participation is required of PRM Certified professionals in order to maintain their status.

CRL credits can be earned by participating in a variety of structured and unstructured learning activities offered by PRMIA and non-PRMIA providers. Credits are self-reported, and supporting documentation can be easily uploaded through the CRL Center, with PRMIA activities being automatically accepted.

Program Requirements

The CRL Program is available to Contributing, Sustaining, and C-Suite members.   CRL activities reported through the CRL program are organized by calendar year.  There is no annual minimum number of CRL credits required for participation.

CRL credits submitted as part of the CRL program cannot be applied toward the PRM CRL program.

The PRM CRL Program is for PRM Certified professionals.  Once PRM Certified status is achieved, after an initial grace period, recertification is required each calendar year. Certified status is maintained by completing 20 CRL credits per year and holding Sustaining or C-Suite Membership.

Participation in the CRL program for certificants who have not taken any 2015 PRM Exams is optional but highly encouraged. To opt-in use the certifications tab in your My Profile.