PRMIA Afghanistan - New Chapter Announcement

New PRMIA Chapter Launched in Afghanistan, Co-lead by Mr. Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly and Mr. NajibUllah Amiri

PRMIA announces today the launch of PRMIA Afghanistan and the appointment of Co-Regional Directors Mr. Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly and Mr. NajibUllah Amiri.

The first informal meeting of PRMIA Afghanistan Steering Committee was held at Afghanistan lnstitute of Banking & Finance (AIFB) on May 7th, 2017. At this meeting the 18 committee volunteers pledge their commitment to volunteer on behalf of PRMIA Afghanistan and carried through a discussion to outline the goals of the new chapter. The main goals of the PRMIA chapter in Afghanistan are to:

  • promote risk management practices,
  • enhance the capacity of financial sector officials in risk management through PRMIA certifications,
  • develop risk culture through risk awareness campaign, and
  • support local members in networking for knowledge sharing, risk awareness, risk cultures etc..    

The committee acknowledges the opportunity for PRMIA certification to become the standard for banks and institutions to ensure sound practices in the RM community in Afghanistan. By following through with the goals that are set out, the chapter aims to cover the gaps in risk management for the institutions operating in the geography of Afghanistan.

The local steering committee volunteers have secured a relationship with the AIBF, which is funded by World Bank under direct supervision of DAB, ABA and MISFA as BoD members, to access their venue spaces and A/V capabilities for chapter events. This partnership will allow the chapter to have sustained activity over time.

Mr. Najibullah Amiri is Executive Director for the Afghanistan Banks Association. He has formed ABA’s Standing GRC (Corporate, Risk, Compliance) committee for the promotion of banking industry. The committee is focusing on Risk, Corporate and Compliance. Mr. Amiri is honorary member of the committee. Beside this, he is member of Banking and Finance Working Group in DAB. Mr.Amiri is closely working with Central Bank of Afghanistan & other stakeholders for resolving various issues of banking sector.

Mr. Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly is an Executive Director for the Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance. Mr. Paserly’s volunteer experience as president of AIESEC Afghanistan- with the mandate of Observing and Directing of all team particularly External Relation, Exchange, Finance, Talent management and Information system.

PRMIA would also like to take this opportunity to thank steering committee member, Mr. Zia Ul Haq Waziri for this dedication to the coordination of launching the PRMIA Afghanistan chapter.

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PRMIA would like to acknowledge the Steering Committee members of the PRMIA Afghanistan chapter that will help the chapter achieve their goals, please find the members below. 

Co-Regional Directors

  • Mr. Lutfulhaq Noor Paserly, Executive Director, Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance          
  • Mr. NajibUllah Amiri, Executive Director, Afghanistan Banks Association    

Steering Committee

  • Mr. Reshad Bakhtari, Operations Head, Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance         
  • Mr. Zia Ul Haq Waziri, Program Head, Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance            
  • Mr. Abdul Basit, Managing Partner, MGI Worldwide
  • Mr. Ajay B. Sinha, Chief Risk Officer, Maiwand Bank         
  • Mr. Faisal Raza Awan, Country Compliance Manager, Habib Bank Ltd , Afghanistan         
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Momand, Dy. Director Risk Management Dept., Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan)   
  • Mr. Mir Ahmad Sameer Razawy, Chief Risk Officer, Arian Bank   
  • Mr. Fida Mohammad, Chief Risk Officer, Bank e Mili Afghan         
  • Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Head of Community Banking. Islamic Banking& Banking for Small Businesses, Afghanistan International Bank          
  • Mr. Abdullah Mohib, Dy. Chief Risk Officer, New Kabul Bank        
  • Mr. Aziz Ali Shah, Risk Manager, First Microfinance Bank  
  • Mr. Surendranath Thripathy, CEO, Afghanistan Global Insurance
  • Ms. Liza Obidi, Dy. Chief Internal Auditor, Ghazanfar Bank
  • Mr. R. Sunda, Chief Risk Officer, Azizi Bank             
  • Ms. Farishta Daftani, Manager HR, Pashtany Bank 
  • Mr. QudratUllah Rahmat, Chief Risk Officer, Ghazanfar Bank        


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