After Becoming a PRM Certified Professional

Congratulations!  Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you have earned your Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) certification. Now it’s time to let everyone know about your success and let your new credential start to work for you. Earning the PRM signifies to the world that you have the knowledge, skills, and qualifications that risk managers must bring to today’s fast-changing financial environment.

Earning an industry credential is a professional development step that will set up apart.  You have identified yourself as a risk leader who will be called upon to lead not only changes in risk management practices resulting from crisis, but also the adoption of risk management best practices. Take advantage of this opportunity to be recognized for your achievement and make the most of the advantages that PRM certification provides.

Tell your CRO, CEO, supervisor, and HR manager about your new credential.

For PRM Certified Professionals who require maintenance of your certification your digital certificate is easily shared with employers by providing them your unique certificate URL, obtained through your Certifications or CRL Center tab in your PRMIA My Profile.  Be sure to inform them about any continuing education that will be required to maintain your certification, showing your commitment to continuously learning and growing in your field.  Your CRL Center provides the ability for you to share reports for CRL activities  completed.

For PRM Certified Professionals who require maintenance of your certification your digital certificate and CRL activities can be shared with your employer easily through your CRL Center.

Always use PRM after your name.

Use it on:

  • Email Signature
  • Letter Signatures
  • Resume
  • Business Cards
  • Web Site
  • Company Staff Directories
  • Articles in Professional Publications
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Name Plates, Badges
  • Bios
  • Corporate Photo ID

Include a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get and maintain the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession.

Display your credential and connect with other PRM Certified Professionals on social media.

Add the PRM credential to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites.  Connect with other PRM Certified Professionals by joining PRMIA’s LinkedIn group, and by following PRMIA on Facebook.

For Certified PRMs who have a digital certificate you can easily share your new designation through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin via your account.   Through your Linkedin network, references can be added to your digital certificate such as professors, mentors or colleagues enhancing your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Announce your new credential to your professional community.

Encourage your employer to send an announcement to industry publications and a press release to the business section of your local newspaper.  Include a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get and maintain the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession.  PRMs with digital certificates should also include their unique certificate URL in the announcement.

PRM Press Release Template

Spread the word about PRM certification.*  

Talk to your colleagues and contacts about the PRM and the positive impact it has had on your career.  

  • Encourage your colleagues to earn the PRM. They can improve their effectiveness and knowledge, while elevating the level of professionalism among risk practitioners.
  • Give a presentation or make yourself available to answer questions about the PRM process at a local chapter meeting or training session.
  • Give a testimony about your experience with the PRM. PRMIA welcomes testimonials that can be used on the PRMIA website and in marketing materials.
  • Become a mentor. You recognize the value of PRM certification and the respect it commands in the industry. Do you know someone else who would benefit by becoming PRM certified? Pass on the power of certification by becoming a mentor. Explain what professional certification can mean. Offer encouragement, answer questions, and share information about available resources to prepare for the exam.

Start a study group.*  

Online groups or study groups done through a local chapter are a great way to offer your expertise to those studying for the exam. 

Moderate an online group.*

PRMIA’s LinkedIn group for PRM Certified Professionals is a great place to network with your fellow PRM Certified Professionals. Moderators are always needed to post questions and answer questions.

Become a PRM Advocate for a local chapter.*

Volunteer to distribute PRM material to local members, at chapter events and meetings, and be available to members for questions about the PRM process.

Include the PRM certification as a requirement or preference for any hiring that you do.


Depending on qualifications, PRMIA has many volunteer opportunities around the world as a volunteer coordinator or as part of our leadership.


*Some of these activities may qualify for CRL credits, see CRL Program Eligible Activity Guidelines.

For more information, or to get started with any of these activities, please contact