PRM Exam Exemptions – Cross-Over Exemptions

The PRM Program recognizes CFA Charter holders and Associate PRM Certificate holders and gives partial credit towards completion of the requirements for the PRM designation.


Awarding Organization

PRM Exemptions

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Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA Institute

Exams I & II

Exams III & IV

Associate PRM  certificate PRMIA Exam IV Exams I, II and III

Exemption Request:

When do I send in my request for exemption?
After you have successfully completed your required PRM exams, see table above.

Where do I send my request for exemption?
Send request to

What do I include with my request for exemption?
Verification of your professional designation must accompany your request - scanned copy of your certificate or letter of acceptance. 

Is there a fee to process an exemption?
A $25 fee is required to process exam exemptions.  PRMIA's Associate PRM is not subject to this fee.

Exam Voucher and PRM Handbook Purchase for Exempt Users:

PRM Exam consists of 4 exams.  PRMIA sells 4 exam vouchers along with the required study material, the PRM Handbook, as a bundle.  Even if a user is exempt from one or more of the exams, you are required to purchase the full bundle.

If you have any questions, please contact