Our Mission

The PRMIA Institute
Defines Excellence
in the Professional 
Practice of
Risk Management

The PRMIA Board of Directors provides an open forum for the development and promotion of our profession. The goal of the Institute is to promote, develop, and share professional risk management practices globally. This is reflected in our mission: The PRMIA Institute defines excellence in the professional practice of risk management.

The PRMIA Institute is an industry-led coalition coordinated by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) in collaboration with industry players and select academic partners. The Institute conducts thought leadership research that bridges the gap between current and future risk practice. The PRMIA Institute is incorporated as a 501C(3) NGO in Delaware, and wholly-owned by PRMIA. 

To learn more about our efforts, to get involved, or to donate, please contact [email protected]

How We Help

We run a larger number of activities, including student competitions, industry benchmarking, and academic research.

Applied Research

We engage in research projects that have direct impact and applicability in the daily life of the CRO.

"Science advances by funeral" - Max Planck

Max Planck famously said that “science advances by funeral.” We witnessed our first funeral in 2008 with the financial crisis and rewrote some rules. The year 2016 had zero bank failures, and the financial system is in overdrive growth.

PRMIA Certification is already on my resume and I have had three interviews in just last week, for risk management positions. The certification is opening up a lot of new career opportunities for me that I had never even dreamed of. Gundeep Anand, PRM, Chicago, USA