PRMIA Institute Publications

Is Your Model Risk Management Program Mature Yet?

Written by Nergiz Eryilmaz

This paper provides critical elements of a mature model risk management program and aims to help identify gaps in the existing and developing model risk management programs to bring the programs into mature stage.

Ethics: How Does the Board Know That the Train is on the Right Ethical Track

Written by John Thackeray

This paper outlines and suggests a path for board engagement and participation in a meaningful and transparent fashion

Framework for Integrating Climate Risk Into Financial Risk Management

Written by William W. Hahn, CFA

This paper examines how a financial institution might create a process and procedures that systematically identify climate risks and incorporate them into the existing financial risk management systems.

A Random Walk Into Climate Disaster

Written by Gerhard Mulder

This paper explores how risk managers should be able to adapt in response to changes and new information.

Ethical Considerations In Parsimonious Model Selection

Written by Dr. Gary Nan Tie, Dr. Bob Mark

This paper explores how fairness is an important consideration in finding a parsimonious model solution. 

Environmental Risks & Banking

Written by Dr. Edward Thomas Jones

The paper is aimed at financial professions, regulators, policymakers and researchers in the area of banking who seek to understand where this new field of research currently is and what evolution is to be expected.

Explainable AI as a Tool for Risk Managers

Written by Hersh Shefrin

This paper Explainable AI as a Tool for Risk Managers, focuses on subtleties associated with the black box character of machine learning algorithms and techniques to infer the nature of what is going on inside those black boxes.

Operational Resilience and COVID-19 - A New Age of Reason?

Written by Thibaud de Barmon and Simon Tweddle

In this paper, we explore the latest developments in operational resilience, from regulatory updates to latest best practices.

Parsimony - A Model Risk Paper

Written by Gary Nan Tie and Dr. Bob Mark

In this paper, we systematically explore how to understand and mitigate model risk. Guidance is given on finding parsimonious models within a spectrum that neither under fit nor overfit data in order to rationally and consistently make informed business decisions.

The Impact of Climate Risk on Financial Institutions

Written by Oscar McCarthy, Ken Radigan, and Alexandru Voicu 

In this paper, the PRMIA Institute provides Risk Leaders with an overview of the critical industry changes associated with different climate change scenarios, insight into the key risks, and a discussion of how these risks can be managed.

Much-Needed Credit Insights

Written by Kenneth Chen and David M. Rowe

In our "Much Needed Credit Insights" we discuss a multi-component, granular and forward-looking framework that is practically applicable in today's market. In order to achieve this, financial institutions require advanced support from experts in data, technology and analytics, and we lay out the skills required for implementation. 

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