The PRMIA Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting organization of the Professional Risk Manager's International Association, serves the global risk management community with leading thought, peer-vetted research, and stewardship of the risk management profession.

Institute Initiatives: 


New technologies and the advent of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help risk managers make better decisions. There is also a new risk profile that emanates from this adoption.


How our profession responds to environmental disruption and climate change is an emerging topic which warrants up-to-date analysis. Learn More.


Aiding developing regions by establishing sound risk management practice in the inclusive finance sector is driven by the Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM).


The Institute is working to develop Standards of Practice for Risk Management. Bringing standard methods, processes, and practices to our profession is a worthy goal for the industry.

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Why an Institute?

We are Risk Innovators. The Institute promotes, develops and shares professional risk management practices globally.

Risk processes and methodologies can vary widely from institution to institution. We want to ensure the profession has a roadmap for basic tools and principles.

We engage in research projects that have direct impact and applicability in the daily life of the CRO.

PRMIA Institute Senior Advisors

Our network of senior advisors includes leading professionals and academics. Their role is to set the strategic direction and vet the work originated from the Institute.

EMEA Risk Leader Summit

Where the bright minds of risk meet, the EMEA Risk Leader Summit. Download our survey report from 2018, to see important opinions from over 120 Risk Leaders that took part in our summit.
PRMIA Certification is already on my resume and I have had three interviews in just last week, for risk management positions. The certification is opening up a lot of new career opportunities for me that I had never even dreamed of. Gundeep Anand, PRM, Chicago, USA