Our Board of Directors define strategy. Our Global Committees, Chapter leaders, and volunteers make it a reality.

Global Relevance

Be relevant to and easily engaged by the global risk management community

  • operate with excellence: seek scalable growth & best-in-class functional areas
  • walk customer journey: increase message pathway effectiveness and cater to community-member needs through their career cycle
  • reflect community: mirror composition of Board, Committees, membership, staff, & content to markets we serve

Community Strength

Foster a strong sense of community among PRMIA membership, associated groups, and practitioners

  • develop future leaders: prepare students, new to the profession, and mid-career professionals to be leaders
  • add value: expand value received by paid members
  • engage chapters: improve Chapter relations by revising services available to Chapters, enhance policies to increase volunteer reward, and align Global and Chapter goals
  • be portal: build systems that maintain strong networks

Learning & Development Leader

Be a leading provider of learning and development across key attributes and functions of risk management

  • componentize content: accelerate product development through small, readily validated content components
  • demonstrate competency: become globally recognized for competent practices in certification & certificate programs
  • grow Institute: advance Institute as practice research engine
  • increase event engagement: develop events that inspire & engage participants in advancing practice
  • map career pathways: chart career pathways & requisite skills to succeed

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