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PRMIA is dedicated to providing resources, networking and thought leadership to help our members achieve the highest standards from the cradle to the pinnacle of their careers. Recorded webinars are a benefit of Sustaining Membership. Sustaining members can also register to upcoming webinars for free.

The following PRMIA Thought Leadership webinars are free to access for current Sustaining Members. This collection has been curated to complement the body of knowledge related to operational risk management. The webinars may or may not address specific topics within the ORM Certificate program syllabus.

Current candidates should refer to the ORM Candidate Guidebook for details on the syllabus topics and requirements.

Webinar Title Key take-aways Speaker
The Human Side of ERM
  • How to explain human actions in risk situations as being driven by a number of rationalities, rather than as rational and irrational
  • How each rationality would want their ERM program to operate
  • What to look for in the market to identify different risk environments
  • Rational Adaptability and how it can use the above to keep an ERM program aligned with the risk environment and the prevailing rationality
Dave Ingram, Willis Re, ERM Advisory group View Now
Leveraging Risk and Compliance for Competitive Advantage
  • Perspective on summarized industry response so far
  • Key themes/initiatives that can deliver a competitive edge
  • Deep dive into some of the listed themes and perceived benefits
Ramesh Iyer, Head of European Risk and Regulatory Compliance Strategic Initiatives, Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) at TATA Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) View Now
Crisis Management Lessons and Solutions A Fireside Chat John Cummins, MD, Future Cities, Legal and General View Now
Human Factor Risk – Assessing The People Behind The Processes While risk management has previously focused on procedures, regulation, and legislation, today there is increasing awareness of the need to assess the risk-taking nature of individuals involved. Recent research by leading economists found that the risk-taking policies within banks were determined more by the personality of the bankers in charge than any other measurable factor, including compensation. Geoff Trickey View Now
Communicating Risk to Executive Leadership
  • Why current risk analysis methods are flawed
  • The benefits of simplified, business-centric risk assessments
  • Strategy for documenting risks in a clear, concise and actionable method
Andrew Plato View Now
Succession Planning and Leadership Transition
  • Why having an actively managed succession plan and a solid leadership pipeline matter more than ever before
  • How to design a data-driven succession planning process
  • Innovative methods for knowledge transfer
Sarah Tennyson View Now


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