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Updated Content! The Operational Risk Manager Certificate Prep virtual training is designed to cover all elements of a comprehensive operational risk management program and to prepare participants to obtain the PRMIA ORM Certificate. This course includes self-paced pre-recorded lessons. Join us  September 21- - November 9, 2021.

When: September 21 - November 9, 2021

Where: Virtual Course

PRMIA San Francisco presents a virtual event:  How to Establish the Risk Management Practice to Meet Climate Risk and ESG Goals. Experts will discuss approaches to ESG, disclosure frameworks, regulatory scrutiny, processes that need to be set up in organizations to prevent greenwashing and a possible way to help with technology.

When: October 27, 2021

Where: Virtual Chapter Event

Businesses are challenged with long-term risk outlooks and determining how to best prepare for what may lie ahead. They will be watching 3 drivers: political, technological, and societal. During this year’s forum, we will look at various areas such as cyber attacks, catastrophic climate events and social unrest. Pandemic threats will continue to require coordination across all areas of organizations. Businesses have had to manage dual economic and health crises, which have driven new employee an

When: November 1 - November 2, 2021

Spreadsheets are a top 10 operational risk for most organizations. 70% of companies admit to having had a serious error. This course will equip participants with the skills to assess spreadsheet risk in their organization; implement an effective spreadsheet risk process; and build reliable business critical spreadsheets.

When: November 2 - December 10, 2021

Where: Virtual Course

Thought Leadership Webinar:  More and more the models we use are incorporating Machine Learning (ML) into their analytics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also beginning to be used for decision making, leading to a potential “Black Box” model. This webinar introduces concepts for validating these models without having a deep technical background in ML or AI.

When: November 3, 2021

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

This webinar will share the worthwhile findings of the recent Duco-PRMIA risk data management survey. Join us for a lively conversation as we dive deeper into some of the findings to bring added context and enhanced value from the report.

When: November 4, 2021

Where: Sponsored Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar: Developing just a few key skills today can help you advance your career tomorrow. Join us to learn how to plan your career and the mindset you should develop for career advancement.

When: November 10, 2021

Where: Thought Leadership

PRMIA and MetricStream present: What’s Next in Third Party Risk Management? Trends, Regulations and Predictions.

When: November 16, 2021

Where: Sponsored Webinar

Please join PRMIA New York for a fireside chat as three risk management practitioners reflect on their pain points when it comes to managing risk across  global organizations.  They will discuss the challenges around disparate systems, complex reporting requirements and the difficulties of extracting meaningful data from a risk management program to support strategic decision making. Each will touch on how technology has helped to support their risk management processes by setting up a risk fram

When: November 18, 2021

Where: Sponsored Webinar

The PRMIA Edmonton Chapter is proud to bring you the 2021 Finance and Risk Management Career Conference. The conference seeks to link students with industry professionals and firms. Students can explore potential career opportunities and learn more about desired skills, challenges, and opportunities in the finance and risk management industries. This year’s event is fully online.

When: November 26, 2021

The PRMIA Risk Management Challenge is a case competition that empowers undergraduate and graduate students by taking them beyond the classroom and giving them exposure to real-world business situations. The Challenge offers students the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned and showcase their knowledge, critical thinking skills, leadership, and presentation abilities while competing to win a US$10,000 prize. We are grateful to the following PRMIA Chapters for their support and par

When: December 1 - April 14, 2022

Thought Leadership Webinar: In this webinar,  we will share many of the readily available free online data and analytic resources related to climate risk that can be used for actionable business decisions.  Participants can expect to come away with immediate steps that can be taken to implement basic value-add climate risk insights for common  risk mitigation contexts within the financial services sector.

When: December 8, 2021

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

Thought Leadership Webinar: The capital markets theories of the 1950s and 1960s are based on assumptions that will render them obsolete as the shift towards a low carbon economy is gathering momentum. This has profound consequences for how portfolios are constructed, how companies are valued, the changing role of risk managers, and the type of data they need to inform decisions. This webinar aims to address the question, "What is really going on here?"

When: December 15, 2021

Where: Thought Leadership Webinar

Analysts, portfolio managers, and risk managers need the ability to analyze data and apply various methodologies for evaluation of risks. In this course, we cover various modern statistical methods for analysis of risks. Participants must be able to download R / RStudio for this course. Instructions are provided in the course. If necessary, please work with your IT department to ensure you can download this free, open source software. Or use a personal device.

When: January 18 - February 28, 2022

Where: Virtual Course

New Course! Attend our newest course on climate change and climate risk management in the financial sector. The course explores the ways in which climate change drives traditional risk types, how climate-related risks can be identified, measured and managed, and the emerging opportunities in climate finance.

When: February 22 - March 21, 2022

Where: Virtual Course

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