PRMIA 2018 Risk Management Challenge
Hungarian Round Summary

Hungary Chapter joined for the first time to the PRMC organizers, the Challenge attracted four graduate teams, who all were accepted for the regional round to present their solution on “GE Capital after the Crisis”. 

Venue of the event was the lecture room of the International Training Center for Bankers

Gergely Gabler, Director, National Bank of Hungary
Gábor Horváth, Director, Head of Risk Management, OTP Bank
Béla Öcsi, Deputy CEO, International Training Center for Bankers
Péter Szalai, Senior Manager, Financial Risk Management, KPMG
Tamás Tóth, Regional Director, PRMIA Hungary Chapter

The judges: Gábor Horváth, Béla Öcsi, Tamás Tóth, Gergely Gabler, Péter Szalai

The four competing teams were well prepared, they had 15 minutes to present their solution to the case “GE Capital after the Crisis, followed by a 10 minutes of questions and answers from the judges.

Winner of the Regional: FAKTastic Four

The members of the team: Áron Drabancz, Eszter Hagymási, Donát Rigó, Nedim Márton El-Meouch


The members of the team: Attila Csoma, Zsófia Farsang, Miklós Milán Vancsa, Bálint Plangár

The Big Hedge

The members of the team: Viktória laura Pecznyik, Ádám Szűcs, Anita Bárdy, Gábor Kozma


The members of the team: Bettina Zsámboki, Gergely Bence Szilágyi, Gergő Garaguy

During the lunch session the teams had the opportunity to get acquainted with the judges and they could introduce their professional plans. All participants found it a very interesting and useful event to network and get ideas from professionals of the real life. 

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