PRMIA Announces Updates to the Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) Designation Program, Adding Efficiency in Testing and Increasing Risk Expertise With New Topics

The PRM™ Designation program recently underwent an update through the completion of a job analysis study to identify changes needed for the program. The changes ensure that the PRM program continues as the global standard for risk management professionals and reflects the competencies expected of certified PRMs.

Program Updates Add New Topics and Efficiency
The study found that the nature of the PRM role has remained steady since the publication of the 2015 PRM program, requiring that only a few new topics be added to the syllabus. The study also found that the design of the examination program could be adjusted to make the testing process a more efficient one, while including an assessment of practice within the current computer-based testing environment. The required exams will change from four separate exams to only two exams.

Ken Radigan, PRM, PRMIA Chief Executive Officer, shares, “As a member-led organization, PRMIA is constantly looking at ways we can enhance our programs for our members. The updated PRM program is a perfect example of this. We were able to update the syllabus to ensure that it reflects the latest developments of our profession, while streamlining the examination process. For those of you who may be considering enhancing your careers with the PRM Designation, I encourage you to take advantage of these changes and enroll into the new program.” 

John Paul Broussard, Chair of the PRMIA Education Committee adds, “The updated PRM Program provides candidates a streamlined examination process that shortens the designation process to half the steps. The newly designed PRM web pages provide an enhanced user interface featuring streamlined navigation to the latest candidate resources."

Transition to 2019 Program
Beginning July 1, 2019, new applicants to the PRM program can decide if they want to enroll in the updated 2019 PRM program or the current 2015 PRM program.

Visit for details on the 2019 PRM Program. 

For complete details on the 2019 transition period and how it impacts the certification path, visit the Transition website, which provides the results of the job analysis study and information for current and prospective candidates as they navigate the certification path.

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