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Your Board held its Spring in-person meeting in March 2019.  We chose Montreal so we could meet the Chapter Steering Committee and hear their concerns and success.

Our Board agenda focused on 1) increasing sustaining membership, 2) defining our mission and vision 3) our Learning & Development pipeline, 4) supporting Chapters and volunteers, and 5) re-launching the PRMIA institute.

1) Increasing the Sustaining Membership Base
Sustaining members demonstrate a commitment to PRMIA and help support our activities.  The Board has directed that the following actions be taken to grow our sustaining membership: 

The Membership Working Group will become the Membership Committee, a formal permanent committee of the Board.  We are currently looking for volunteers who would assist this committee in achieving their goal of increasing individual and corporate membership.   Please contact Adam Lindquist to volunteer, [email protected]

We will ask every chapter to designate a membership liaison.  This will ensure that the chapters will have input on our membership initiatives.  It will also help to establish a communication line between the Membership Committee and the regional chapters. 

2) Defining our Mission and Vision Statements
As previously discussed during our September board meeting, the board looked at revising our mission statement and vision to ensure that it is properly communicating the core mission and vision of PRMIA today.  After careful deliberation, the Board has selected the following statements:

Mission statement: To promote, develop and share Professional Risk Management practices globally.   
PRMIA Vision: A world in which risk management is a recognized profession and embedded core competency of the financial services industry. 

This sharper messaging will make it clearer to members and the wider risk community what we do and where we are going.  The website About – Mission page has been updated.  

3) Learning & Development
The Board heard from our L&D team about the exciting new developments; namely the updated PRM and new certificates in Retail Credit Risk Management, and in Conduct Risk.  We are also developing an Advanced Operational Risk Program to support the growing number of risk professionals pursuing careers in this discipline.  More details will be communicated directly but for the latest refer to the Certificates page on the PRMIA website. 

4) Chapters & Volunteers
The Board reviewed Chapter performance against a number of metrics: membership, certificate holders, events, and financial surplus.  We clearly have a group of outstanding volunteers in many of our Chapters.  Other Chapters need help and support to fulfill their potential, and Ken Radigan will be calling all of our Regional Directors to get their input on how things are going.  We are interested in understanding from the chapter perspective what is currently working well, and what needs to be improved.    

We also challenged the Global Council of Regional Directors (effectively the Chapter Global Committee) to come up with ideas to help Chapters reach the full potential in each location.

5) PRMIA Institute
A revamp of the PRMIA Institute began on January 1.  Justin McCarthy and Oscar McCarthy are leading this initiative.  The goals of the PRMIA Institute are to: Advance thought leadership in risk, develop standards of practice, and promote understanding of the field from a practice and policy perspective. 

The Institute is structured such that it can receive grants and donations from government and foundations to support its activities, and as such opens up new and exciting opportunities for PRMIA.

More information is available at About – PRMIA Institute

Your Board sets strategy and governance, implemented by PRMIA staff and volunteers who serve on our Global Committees.

Our strength comes from the volunteer network within our Chapters, and our members who support our mission and share our vision.  Thank you all.

Robert McWilliam
Chairman, PRMIA Global Board
To promote, develop and share Professional Risk Management practices globally


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