PRMIA Education Committee Recognizes New Professional Risk Managers (PRM™)

The PRMIA Education Committee would like to congratulate the following individuals who achieved holder status for the Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Designation program during Quarter 1 of 2022.

Congratulations to the following Professional Risk Managers!

Sebastian Alcantara, Senior Manager at Charles Schwab
Edward Belanoff, CEO at Feedback Nation LLC
Michael Farrell, VP Internal Audit and Market Risk at Barclays
Martha Fehily, Financial Engineer at First Derivatives
Theodoros Fountoukidis, Supervisory Inspections Professional at Piraeus Bank
Yves Gagnon, CFO/Director of Finance at Eos Lightmedia Corporation
Abdulla Kamal
Prokopios Karadimos, Supervision Analyst at European Central Bank
Jack Mallon, Technology Trader at First Derivatives PLC
Stanley Murire, Risk Control at AlgoHead
Brian O'Leary, Financial Engineering at First Derivatives
Phildo Steyn, Director at Ilion PTY Ltd.
Kwame Manfo Tabiri, Consultant at Deloitte

Built by a broad coalition of industry leaders and endorsed by leading university programs and industry firms, the PRM™ Designation is the leading risk manager credential, globally recognized, graduate-level.

Learn more about the PRM Designation program.

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