PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members or PRMIA RIM members during September 2022. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Adam Arnett
Saloni P. Ramakrishna
Alexander Robert Burdett Campbell
Mohammed Ali
Kirk Richard Freeman
Phiel Christian Raynes
Carina Tsang
Kier James
Linh Thi Thuy Phan
Ravi Agarwal
Meagan Andrews
Teresa Millard
Ioannis Nikoloudakis
Michael Fong
Brian Murello, PRM
Nina K. Hinson
Abhishek Sahoo
Vladimir Andrianov
Oliver T. Holzner
Md Nasim Akhtar
Simonti Kar
Aiden Kitayimbwa
Pola Hitesh
Malte Skovgaard Jørgensen

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