A Message from Board Nominating Committee Chair Bonny Dorland

On behalf of the PRMIA Nomination Committee, I invite the risk management community to engage the Board nominations process to further grow and improve our service to the profession and the important PRMIA mission.

I am a strong believer that the value volunteer organizations provide to members and volunteers is great. Involvement in the advancement of one’s profession is both personally and professionally rewarding. I have served on this Committee for 3 years and I am delighted by our progress in enhancing governance to better fulfill our comment to this wonderful by-members, for-members volunteer organization.

The 2017 PRMIA Board nominations process will soon open for submissions. You may be ready to serve our systemically important profession, and I encourage you to learn more and join the process. You may know someone else who is ready. I encourage you to share this with them and encourage them to raise their hands.

The PRMIA Board of Directors has documented the qualities that will support our dynamic strategy and guide Nominating Committee candidate endorsements. We seek candidates who can extend Board capabilities and fervently drive our strategic objectives of increasing value to members and the broader community.

The Nominating Committee has created a resources page to explain service on a non-profit Board and the qualities we seek in candidates. Please visit www.prmia.org/service. You can find links to the Intelligent Risk articles that outline our strategy.

Nominations Process
Interested candidates may nominate themselves, or members of the community may nominate someone. The Nominating Committee reviews nominations to define the ballot. Additionally, individuals may have themselves added to the ballot through a different petition process (see bylaws link on the resources page).

Timing (subject to modifications)
14-27 Sep: Online nomination submissions
12-21 Oct: Board voting by members
25-30 Oct: Board member announcement
3-10 Nov: Officer voting by RDs
14 Nov: Officer announcement

I thank you in advance for your participation in our community and governance process.

Please direct inquiries about the process to Kraig Conrad (kraig.conrad@prmia.org) and Kristin Lucas (kristin.lucas@prmia.org).


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