PRMIA Nominating Committee Proposes Bylaw Changes

The Nominating Committee, a volunteer leadership group tasked with ensuring continuity, quality, and diversity of leadership, proposed bylaw changes to the Board to clarify the organization’s governance process and best serve the PRMIA mission. The Board agrees that it would be in the association's best interest to implement some changes to the bylaws at this time. The proposed changes are summarized as follows:

  • Expanding the Board Size: The Board, based on its view of competencies required to serve PRMIA mission and strategy, will define the appropriate number to serve;
  • Reorganizing Positions:  Effectively create a "daisy chain" where the Vice Chair/Secretary becomes Chair and the Chair becomes Immediate Past Chair after each position term is served;
  • Term Limits:  Align Board terms with the reorganized positions.

These proposals have been reviewed and approved by the PRMIA Nominating Committee, chaired by Bonny Dorland, and the PRMIA Board of Directors, chaired by Justin McCarthy.

Changes to the bylaws must also be approved by a majority vote of C-Suite, Sustaining, and Contributing members who receive voting rights as a benefit of membership. If you are a member at one of these levels, please review the proposed changes and register your vote on


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