PRMIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. James Tunkey as the new Chair of the C-Suite Committee. This is a volunteer role, and PRMIA is excited to have a risk industry entrepreneur at the head of the Committee. The C-Suite Committee is responsible for the development and delivery of executive level events across the globe in cooperation with local Chapters and key sponsors.

Mr. Tunkey is the Chief Operating Officer of I-OnAsia.  He has 20+ years’ experience measuring and mitigating operational risks. Mr. Tunkey was previously the board appointed volunteer Regional Director of the New York (2005-2008) and Hong Kong (2002-2004) chapters, and James had previously served on the PRMIA education and professional standards committees. Mr. Tunkey was recognized by PRMIA in 2009 for his “tremendously positive impact on the risk community in New York”.  For example, his strategic leadership and guidance were the genesis of the PRMIA C-Suite event series.

“It has always been a tremendous joy to participate in PRMIA events,” says Mr. Tunkey. “I’ve met many true friends through PRMIA. My goal as the volunteer Chairman of the C-Suite Committee is to excite other successful risk officers and industry entrepreneurs through this sense of joy and friendship. C-Suite meetings organized by the Committee will create opportunities for these executives to help each other, to the benefit of the profession.”

Other members of the committee include Mark Abbott, Markus Krebs, David Rowe, Robert Stribling, Justin McCarthy and Andy Feltovich.

PRMIA would like to thank our Chapters and C-Suite members for their continuing participation in these important knowledge sharing events and the sponsors for their commitment to the program.

For information on C-Suite membership, visit or contact Adam Lindquist, Director of Membership, at


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