PRMIA Recognizes New Sustaining Members

PRMIA would like to thank and acknowledge those people who became Sustaining Members during May 2018. Thank you for supporting your professional risk association.

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Aaron Ferguson
Abiodun Babatunde Azeez
Annika Scheuringer
Austin Daniel Mooney
Brian Jeffrey Knotts
Christopher Hayes
Cindy-Jean Lottering
Claude Gatien
Greg Anderson
Hao Da Sheng
James Chew
Jim Bedsole
Justin Serebro
Kieran John Colreavy
Lise Kildemark
Luis Martín Ramos Torres
Marianne van Berkel
Martijn Groot
Mattias Thaarup
Michael Jacobs Jr
Michael Leibrock
Michelle Owens
Nan Li
Nandika Wimalanath Nawagamuwa
Nicolas S. Saad
Oleg Lebedev
Olniyi Surajudeen Bakare
Owen Court
Panos Gregory
Philippe Renard
Ramesh Kanamarlapudi
Roberto Matterazzo
Stefan Trummer
Supalak Techabanyat
Thomas Holstein
William J. Abernathy
Yu-Shao Lee
Yves Deceuninck

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