PRM Exam Exemptions – Cross-Over Exemptions

PRMIA Members who are Associate PRM Certificate Holders, CFA charterholders, or CIIA holders are eligible for exemptions for specific PRM Designation examinations as shown in the table below.

CFA Holders are also approved as meeting the PRM Experience requirements (Master’s degree or equivalent).  



Awarding Organization

2015 PRM Program Exemptions

2019 PRM Program Exemptions

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA Institute

Exams I & II, Experience

Exam 1, Experience

CIIA charter holder Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA) Exams I & II Exam 1
Associate PRM  Certificate PRMIA Exam IV None

    *All other PRM Designation requirements (experience and membership) must be met at the time the last required PRM Examination has been passed.

To request a cross-over exemption:

Submit an application to the PRM Program and indicate in the first tab of the application, in the "Exemptions" section, the type of exemption being requested.

Documentation submitted to support the exemption request can include:

  1. A URL to the issued digital certificate
  2. A scanned copy of an official paper certificate
When the other association has an online directory that can be used to verify the status, include your fill name as it appears in that directory along with your credential number so that PRMIA can verify the status with the other association.

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Note for individuals who were enrolled into the PRM program prior to September 2016: If you are still on your PRM certification path and have not yet submitted your experience documentation, you may do so by signing into your PRMIA account, navigating to your PRMIA Certification Profile tab, and uploading your experience documentation. To be eligible for the cross-over exemptions, you must have been a current holder of the programs shown in the table at the time of enrollment into the PRM program.

For questions on documentation and eligibility, contact the PRMIA Exam Coordinator [email protected].

PRM Program Fee

Even if individuals are eligible for a PRM Exam Exemption, the complete PRM Program Fee must be paid.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].



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