Certificate of Advanced Leadership in Crisis Risk Management

The Certificate of Advanced Leadership in Crisis Risk Management provides risk leaders with the skills and tools to lead efforts to prepare for crises within their institutions and implement preventions that will reduce the likelihood and impact of any crisis and enable disaster recovery when necessary.


 Program Objectives

The Certificate of Advanced Leadership in Crisis Risk Management is intended to be an in-house program for teams leading the efforts to prepare for crises within their institutions and implementing preventions that will reduce the likelihood and impact of any crisis. Those who achieve the certificate of practice meet the assessment requirements and are able to:
  • Apply the principles of effective crisis preparedness and crisis management
  • Carry out practical day-to-day risk identification and mitigation through the systematic use of risk registers and contingency planning
  • Advise on the principles of crisis communication, reputational risk, and media guidance
  • Write and apply an effective crisis preparedness and crisis management plan
  • Contribute significantly to building an appropriate ethos and team practice in order to reduce the likelihood and impact of crises
  • Apply the principles and applicability of good leadership and appropriate responsibility at all levels
  • Create and lead tabletop exercises in order to identify and resolve potential and actual crises
  • Play a meaningful part in crisis recovery and sustainability within an institution on a longer-term basis
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Certificate Program Overview

Adverse events will happen – it is just that the nature and timing may well be unforeseen – a poor or slow response will compound the situation and turn the adverse event into a crisis.

Organized around Seven Principles for Crisis Preparedness and Crisis Management, the Advanced Leadership in Crisis Risk Management series addresses a variety of issues that can lead to a crisis if not handled in an effective and timely manner. Participants in the 3-day course will discuss these issues, explore potential remedies for each issue to avoid a major crisis, and learn the components that make up a crisis preparedness and management plan.

Designed and delivered by world leading experts in the field, the course is a must-have for risk management teams wishing to demonstrate their competency in crisis risk management and for any team that is tasked with developing a crisis preparedness and management plan.

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Our Experts

John Deverell CBE is the founder and author of “The Prepared Mind”. Many corporate leaders consider John’s crisis preparedness plans and workshops to be the best in the business. His Army posts included Director Defence Diplomacy in the Ministry of Defence; a divisional and brigade commander; and seven years as an operational member of Special Forces. As deputy to the US director of the Iraq Survey Group, he was instrumental in disproving the pre-war intelligence on WMD and was the first British government servant since the end of the British Mandate to be based in the Palestinian Territories.

After leaving government service, John spent two years on the Executive Leadership Team of Invensys plc, a FTSE 100 multinational engineering and IT company. He was responsible to the CEO for the company’s security and business continuity globally. After a further two years in a senior role with M:Communications, for whom he developed client reputation and crisis management solutions, he established CulturesConnect Ltd in 2013.

Based on his four decades of handling conflicts and crises in the UK and abroad, John writes and leads seminars on the Prepared Mind approach.

John has appeared many times on TV and radio, commenting on strategy, risk and leadership. He has an MPhil from the University of Cambridge in International Relations and a diploma in Negotiation and Mediation from the University of Kent. He holds pro bono appointments related to the church, the Middle East and disabled ex-servicemen. He continues to work part time for the British government at home and abroad.

Michael Ferndale has worked with boards and leadership teams for nearly two decades. He has a wealth of experience in helping top teams with leadership, assessment, and executive search, working extensively across the private, government, sport, not-for-profit, and wider public sectors. He established the Board Practice at Harvey Nash and chaired their Group Advisory Board. He has also worked for Korn/Ferry International and Whitehead Mann, where he was a member of the board, consumer/retail, and public sector practices.

Michael was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and The University of Dundee, where he graduated in Scots Law (LLB). He is a member of the Commercial Committee of the Lord’s Taverners and was on the Museum of London’s Development Board.

In 2016, he completed the 257 km Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert, known to be the toughest foot race in the world, to raise money for The Lord’s Taverners to give disadvantaged young people a sporting chance. He completed the 2017 London Marathon running facing backwards for the same charity.



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