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Top Articles

Writing a CV

It takes around 30 seconds for a hiring manager to make a decision on whether they like the look of your CV or not, so it’s important to make yourself – via your CV - stand out. Make it tailored. Make it concise. Make it accurate.

Interview Tips

You've tailor made the perfect CV, and landed the interview. How do you make a lasting impression and get the job?

CV Example

Your CV is the first chance that you get to make a good impression on a potential employer. Make sure your CV is clear and follows a consistent format that is easy on the eye.

Employment Opportunity

PRMIA is seeking a CEO! View the job description and application information.

Career Articles

SMCR. The Takeover.

SMCR (a new set of regulations first introduced into the banking sector in March 2016) is the up-and-coming regulatory kid on the block.

Achieving Work Life Balance

In today’s hectic 24 hour connected world, everyone is searching for that elusive, personally satisfying work life balance. What is this thing that we are all striving for, that we all endlessly go on about?

The Value of Training

Companies are beginning to understand the value of training staff, of continued development internally. They want to train new employees from scratch – to progress and develop individuals from within.

Leaving a Job

Leaving a job can be exciting, stressful, dramatic, sad, happy: whichever adjective best sums up your feelings, everyone will agree that it is never easy.

The Modern Risk Professional – Boardroom Friend, Leader and All-Round People Person

As a recruitment consultant in the area of risk, specifically in financial services, this is my brief take for the modern-day risk professional on how to win friends and influence people… and build a successful career in the process.

Starting a New Job

The first day on a new job can be stressful. This article highlights a few things you can do to make you feel more relaxed going in to your first day.

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