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PRMIA Mentor Connect provides high caliber risk mentors to PRMIA Sustaining, RIM, corporate, and organizational members across the globe. Mentors are connected on an annual basis for a maximum nine-month commitment focusing on topics important to the mentee. From technical, to soft skills, to specific guidance in risk, mentee candidates choose the focus of their mentorship. This connection utilizes a quick, confidential assessment tool built into our award-winning mentoring software that connects users to a peer with whom they can relate and build your risk talents.

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The next matching will occur in February 2023.


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  1. Is there a Fee to enroll?

    There is no additional fee but a PRMIA Sustaining or RIM level membership is required to participate as a mentee.

  2. What is the difference between a mentor and a mentee?
    • Mentor – a person who acts as skills development adviser
    • Mentee – a person seeking guidance and support

  3. Who can be a mentor?
    • 5 or more years experience in a technical risk or management role
    • Full time roll in a risk capacity
    • Risk specialty experience helpful

  4. Who can be a mentee?
    • 3 years or more in the risk industry or 5 years or more years in microfinance, or
    • Full time employment in a risk role
    • PRMIA Sustaining or RIM membership required to participate

  5. I am a student, can I participate in the program?

    If you meet the criteria of being a full time employee in risk or at least 3 years experience, you may participate as long as you are a Sustaining member of PRMIA. If you are currently not employed in a risk role, you may not participate.

  6. What is involved in the enrollment process?

    You will begin by reading our confidentiality agreement to understand that we do not share any information gathered during the registration, other than with those who you might be matched. Then you will complete your personal profile and then a very short photo preference personality assessment. Once completed, your profile is uploaded to the system. The system administrator will find matches based on your profile and personality, along with any specific needs you have indicated. Matches occur twice weekly for participants.

  7. Where do I start when becoming a mentor?
    Here is a great guide to Starting Strong as a Mentor

  8. Will PRMIA know what the mentor and mentee speak about?

    No, that is confidential information shared between the mentor and mentee. During the process, you will be asked to take a satisfaction survey, and will have various “check-ins” to make sure the program is meeting your expectations. 

  9. Why do I need to complete the profile?

    The mentor/mentee relationship is one where confidence and trust are essential to make it work. Sharing information is critical to make the relationship work. 

  10. How long does the relationship last?

    The program typically operates on a 9 month cycle, but mentors can chose any length of time that makes the most sense. If at the end of the 9 month program you wish to continue, that is not an issue.

  11. What if it is not working?

    During the process, you can contact the system admin and request a new relationship or to end a mentoring program. We understand that sometimes the mentor and mentee don’t connect, and the system is designed to offer alternatives quickly to make sure both the mentee and mentor needs are being met.

  12. Does the program handle meeting logistics?

    No.  The program is designed to connect mentor and mentee to get the ball rolling.  Discussions, calendar appointments, tasks and anything else involved with the mentor and mentee relationship utilize your existing/preferred communication tools. We will check in with you to make sure you are progressing as needed, but this is your responsibility with your partner to make the best use of your relationship.

  13. How many hours will I need to commit?

    Most mentoring contacts are about an hour per month, but the actual time commitment for preparation, discussion, homework and other tasks may vary.  Remember, this is a program that provides one-on-one expert advice – this will be one of the most valuable relationships you will experience in your professional career. If you are a mentee, take advantage of this opportunity and get as much as you can from it.

  14. What if I find it is taking too much time?

    Communication is the key to a good mentoring program. Make sure that your mentoring partner knows about things going on in your life that are impacting your time. Most often, you will find your partner will accommodate your needs. If not, we can ,match you to a new mentor or mentee.

  15. Can I stop at any time?

    Yes. It is always suggested to connect with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page before you decide it is time to end. If the program is not working for you based on your match, we highly recommend you ask for a new match. If time is an issue, you might be wise to postpone your mentoring to a later date. The program administrator can freeze your profile at any time and you can start up again when you feel it is appropriate. You may also remove yourself from the program as well.

  16. Who do I contact for help?

    [email protected] or call 651-204-3070

  17. Can I chose to find a mentor within my own company?

    Yes. Make sure you note that on your notes for the program administrator. If there is no one from your company in the system, understand that a match cannot occur.

  18. Should I tell my Boss I am seeking a mentor or that I am becoming a mentor?

    Yes. Personal growth is always something to boast, and making sure your boss is comfortable with your decision is always a good political move. Mentoring is a great use of time for skills development which employers often respect and value.

  19. How many people are enrolled in the program?
    The number continues to grow, with over 400 interested in enrollment when we completed our member survey.

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